Live visuals created in collaboration with l'Artiste Ordinaire. Music composed by l'Artiste Ordinaire.

I Offer You: Dance Party We offer you this late-winter gift: a sparkling dose of sound and light, finely crafted for your kinetic pleasure. Join us for an escape from the lingering cold of winter as we look forward to longer days and warmer temperatures. We’ll be serving hypnotic beats, shimmering clouds, and long sliding tones from our forthcoming infinitely-long I offer you REMIX. (Live visuals by Marc Fiaux). -l'Artiste Ordinaire

The visuals were a combination of source images and generated content using Quartz Composer, and were processed and performed in real-time using VDMX software. Some elements were in sync with the beat of the music while some effects were audio-reactive and would change along with the musicians' performance.