TuneVision is an immersive audiovisual installation using light and sound to create an imaginary highway tunnel. The audience sits in a dark room set up with two rows of chairs, projectors and a sound system. While the chairs represent the vehicle for the voyage of the audience, the room becomes the vessel for the sensory elements derived from the audiovisual.

The sound composition embodies an ongoing movement by surrounding the audience, instead of filling the installation space with a static soundscape. The projectors, pointed towards the viewers, emit a sequence of colored gradients perceived as light sources over closed eyelids. However this installation seeks to go beyond these technicalities and construct an imaginary space.

The ambiance of the tunnel involves a drone accompanied by repetitious sonic patterns; Beaming ceiling lights pass by the passengers along with small intermittent occurrences in the field of view confined by the imagined tubelike interior. The sensorial journey becomes ominous and reflects a world where man-made structures drown our senses momentarily. The tunnel is imaginary because it is experienced through the senses rather than directly witnessing the audiovisual. In order to immerse oneself inside, one must close their eyes and enter the space of imagination.

WARNING: this installation contains flashing lights, which may not be suitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy.